Michael May

Who? Michael May
What? Blacksmith
Where? Sheffield, Yorkshire

The author Chaucer wrote about Sheffield as a place ‘that knives came from’ as far back as the late 14th century, during a time when 25% of its population were listed as metal-workers.

Knife maker Michael May hails from this vibrant city, globally renowned for its steelworks and cutlery industry. Much of the heavy industry no longer exists but Sheffield is experiencing a craft resurgence, ensuring the skills and knowledge live on.

After leaving music college, Michael followed other family members into the cutlery trade and has spent years learning, adapting and crafting his skills, under the guidance of established cutlery masters of the city.

‘I am a knife maker. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.’

He crafts each knife to the highest standards, injecting traditional Sheffield patterns and techniques with a contemporary interpretation.


Michael May – The Cutler from Tom Barnes.