Maria Sigma

Who? Maria Sigma | Woven Textiles
What? Zero waste textiles
Where? London

Driven by a ‘zero waste’ approach to textile design, Maria Sigma has become a rising star in the world of weaving. Using traditional weaving techniques, and natural, undyed British wool, she creates textiles and accessories for domestic use.

Maria’s ethical and sustainable approach extends to the care and quality of her designs, creating timeless pieces as heirlooms to be passed down. She cites weaving as her way of establishing order in our chaotic world and making something beautiful out of it.

‘Inspired by Greek heritage and the colours of the British landscape, in combination with my love for maths and craftsmanship, I make vibrant, but minimal contemporary textiles.’

Maria Sigma featured in London Craft Week 2018, the London Design Festival and Good Design Greece Exhibition.


Maria Sigma – Woven Textiles (Promo Video) from Yorgos Kladouris