Who? Leszek Sikon
What? Artisan Blacksmith
Where? Suffolk

Blacksmithing is one of the oldest trades known to man, beginning back in the Iron Age when primitive man first made tools from iron. It is seeing a revival as people seek the richness of form and detail of ironwork at home. Leszek Sikon takes this a step further, making handcrafted bespoke kitchen knives and garden tools that combine modern design with traditional skills to create new and unique objects. And these from discarded and scrap waste, such as WW2 ammunition, steel cables and bike chains.

‘In the world of mass production, my aim is to create objects that are truly unique and long lasting.’

Originally from Poland, Leszek came to the UK twelve years ago, and worked in the retail sector. He felt unfulfilled. Completing a blacksmithing course at Hereford College of Arts, his inspiration comes from history and traditional methods and he likes nothing more than getting to grips with hammer, tongs and fire.