Hilary Burns

Who? Hilary Burns
What? Basket weaver
Where? Devon

Basket weaving is an integral part of Hilary’s life, having trained as a fabric weaver before moving to basket making over 30 years ago, when she relocated to Devon and planted some willow beds. Making both functional baskets and sculptural pieces, Hilary draws on the sustainable and renewable resources in her local area, including hedgerows, hazel, oak and ash.

‘I study traditional techniques and find them endlessly intriguing, refined to perfectly suit the available material and the function.’

Basketry is a slow craft, requiring a great deal of patience and time, to grow the materials, cut, grade, dry and soak before weaving into the desired shape.

Hilary is a co-founder of Basketry and Beyond, a voluntary organisation promoting basketry techniques, the use of natural materials, sustainable construction and applications.