Fox Umbrellas

Who? Fox Umbrellas
What? Hand-crafted umbrellas
Where? Croydon, London

No rainy-day scene is complete without the vision of a sea of umbrellas generating shelter for those beneath and Fox Umbrellas state they are ‘Makers of the World’s finest umbrellas since 1868’. Prior to the introduction in the late 1800s of the Fox Steel Ribs and Frames, which dramatically changed the manufacture of umbrellas, the frames had been made from whalebone.

Mr Samuel Fox was a wire drawer by trade, living near Sheffield, Yorkshire. Over time and together with his son, they developed the frame and ribs, standardised the sizing, experimented with fabrics and rigorously tested a model that would endure for over 80 years. Attention to detail is still the hallmark of the company.

‘To retain the quality we require and customers expect, we still need the skill of hand rather than machine.’

Still a family-run business (although no longer in the Fox family) the brand is globally renowned, with customers including Ralph Lauren, Harrods, Bloomingdales and the English and Japanese Royal families. A Fox umbrella was used by Mary Poppins in the recent sequel.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of the company.