Andy Singleton

Who? Andy Singleton
What? Paper artist and illustrator
Where? Wakefield, Yorkshire

Yorkshire born and bred, Andy Singleton began his artistic career on the doorstep of Harewood, having studied at Leeds College of Art before completing a degree in Illustration with animation at Manchester Metropolitan University.

His work is described as an exploration of the natural and manmade world through intricate paper cuttings, paper sculpture, hand drawn illustrations and large scale installations.’

‘I’m massively inspired by nature. I love natural forms and patterns. On any given day you can leave the house and find something truly inspiring to look at just a few feet down the road if you are in the right frame of mind.’

With a studio overlooking the great natural landscape of Yorkshire, Andy works on illustrations for printed media and advertising and also large scale installations. Projects include Harrods, Liberty of London, Crafts Council, Playstation and the Manchester Art Gallery amongst others.


Nude Not Naked from Nicholas Singleton on Vimeo.